Chad sat down with Another Lane Member Dann Snapp to talk about being in the sneaker community for many years and what that means to him, why he decided to become a member of Another Lane and of course he shared some exclusive sneakers from his collection.

Another Lane: All right, this is Chad Jones with Another Lane and I’m here with my man, Dann man. He is an established member of the sneaker community. And he’s also a member of Another Lane. So what up, Dan? Tell me a little bit about yourself.
Dann: Hey, Chad. As you can see, the gray hair says I’m pretty damn old compared to most people in this community, so to speak. But I’ve been around a long time. I’ve just really been one of those guys, that was a closet sneaker head, not even knowing it when I was a kid in high school to present day. And it’s been quite the journey and people that I’ve met like yourself and Adina and others that have really turned this into more of a friendship culture, than a sneaker culture.

AL: Tell me what is your favorite thing about the sneaker community?
DS: Well, to touch up on that, again, it’s it’s over time. It’s really been one where I was introduced to the culture by some people in San Antonio that saw my stuff on Nike talk because I was like everybody else I started early, didn’t know where to go used Nike talk as a guide, as well as education, and to learn the pitfalls. And one year, they just said, ‘Hey, man, you got some good stuff, once you come over and show it at our show, it Sneaks Up in San Antonio.’ And so I was really flattered by that. I’m obviously a guy that doesn’t fit the typical demographic. You know, I’m much older, and it’s a diverse crowd that’s much younger than me. So I felt very flattered that they would include me. And that’s one of the things I’ve really kept as an honor to them for a long time that they were the ones that kind of introduced me, it’s really grown into something more of friendship, and just a common hobby that everybody finds a weird love for.

AL: So Dann, so tell me, what is your favorite memory that’s attached to any specific pair that you own?
DS: I would have to say, when I was able to score my very first pair of two handed dunk man, LeBron two’s, for the two handed, not the one handed, you know me and nickname for me is dunk man, Dan, that’s been deemed to me by sole supreme himself. And I appreciate that, because I do have a lot of affinity towards the dunk man line.

AL: So dope. Let’s get into some of the shoes, talk a little bit about them. And let us know why you’re giving people the opportunity to share.
DS: Well, first parallel probably talked about here that I’ve got up on on the site is the LeBron James, St. Vincent St. Mary’s four PE edition. And I’m very fortunate to have more than one pair of these. So I’m kind of one of those guys, where I’m at with my age, and how many times I get to wear actually the shoes, that I really have a belief now that after so many years, I really want to share shoes and not let them sit and decay. But as far as letting them go, of course, they have an affinity to me, but I’m very blessed to have another pair. So I figured it’d be good to let some of these go and just enjoy the quality over quantity. To be honest with you.

AL: I hear that I hear that. That SBSM shoe was really dope Dann, so what about another shoe that you’re currently on the platform?
DS: Well, one of the things I was really attracted about too is that you said this isn’t meant to be nothing but exclusives, it can be a wide range of pairs. And even though there may be some more common ones, there’s still some that are kind of uncommon. And one of them is this and that is the Jordan 13 black, red. Now, this is not the retro. This is the original from 1995. It’s my only pair. But I feel like I’ve got retros that I can wear as well, which is one of the benefits here. Again, there’s the shoe, you can go online and check it out. It’s deadstock and the bleeding of the soles, which makes it authentic. A lot of people think that’s a problem, but the real people who know, known that’s authentic, but that’s another blank thing that in 98 when he was playing in finals, you know, he had started with the 13s and then game six of the finals, he pulled out the 14s and you know everybody was going. What the hell are those? It’s just one of those shoes. You know, I’m one of those guys that I have played not as much recently. But I play in the fat guys league on Wednesdays. And when I when I wear them, you know it does make you feel like damn Man, he’s got great traction, or I think I just jumped a half inch higher. But that’s part of the appeal of wearing the sneakers man that the stories behind them how they really perform, and the fact that we come together on things like that.

AL: Yeah. And listen, another thing I think that sometimes we don’t give enough, you know, attention to is the memories you made wearing them. And all those are probably the most important. that’ll probably be the thing that makes you buy them again, is the thing that you did in them rather than what you saw somebody else doing.
DS: Well, I could take your way back man, one of the best memories I have remember, I’m an old man, I go way back to the last century. I used to be where I’d say Dad, I got to have two pairs of sneakers. And he would just go What the hell are you talking about son? This is back when the Converse All Stars, the Dr. J. ‘s. Remember those? Yeah, white reds, they were 55 bucks a pair. And that was probably the equivalent of about 100-110 bucks today. And those are ones I wanted. And I said, Dad, I promise you, I’ll have one pair for practice that can beat the hell out of and the one pair for games that I keep look cool and sharp. And they would last me all year. And I did that in every sport that I play. So that’s what I meant earlier, when I said I think it was a closet sneaker head didn’t even know. I remember, in a basketball game against one of our arch rivals. I mean, I’m 5’11”. But at that time, I had a decent jump, I could go up and grab the ram easily, but I couldn’t cut basketball. And in a game against one of our rivals on their court. I’m wearing my Converse All Stars, this guy breaks away, and he’s going up. And I know he’s one of the few people that can dunk the ball in our in our metropolitan area. He goes up to dunk the ball, and I catch the ball. And like you and I would always say that was a damn clean block. And I got called for the foul. But I thought, wow, I got up. Wearing my All Stars man.

AL: I know. You’ve been a major supporter of Another Lane. But please let the people know why you chose Another Lane.
DS: Well, first of all, a little bit of prelude to this is I work in branding and I have been for many years in my career. So I’m very aware of brand value brand positioning, brand promises and expectations for our brand and brand touch points. Or every time I come into contact with a brand that needs to be the best experience it can be to create that brand loyalty. And to be very honest, Chad, this is much like the Steve Jobs and Apple situation. You initially when I met you, and as far as how we’ve gotten to know each other over the years. And you said you were going to be doing this, I saw you as the brand. You’re the point person, the spokesperson, at least in the beginning until you and Adina started to do this together. And so I figured you are the brand because of how you your character, the way you work, the effort you put into it, and how much you care about what you’re pursuing. So I was already bought in as a brand through you because you’re Steve Jobs of the Another Lane brand. And so as far as that type, I thought you’re already vouched for you’re validated just from the years of knowing you, and what kind of person you are and the quality that you work with as far as what you do, and specifically this business. So when you came to me and asked if I’d be willing to participate, it was no brainer. No brainer. Knowing what you’re talking about you and Adina, the LA Times recently, which is a great article, the other features, I can’t remember them all because you’ve been very fortunate to do so many here recently, which is a real blessing. And kudos to you. It’s a testament to what you’re doing. But I had been thinking about selling some of my shoes off for the reason we just talked about earlier. I’ve got more than I need. I’ve got extra samples, why not share with people and let them get something they’ve been looking for. I have a story where I had an Oregon two LeBron Oregon two. I had two pairs and I had one guy in Australia just hounding me. I’m not kidding you for about four or five years straight. No, I might. If you ever get rid of those, you know I’m here and one year finally said you know what, let’s get him a pair. And he paid a fair price. I didn’t gouge him. You know, there’s a lot of people that try to max out. But he was so grateful and it felt so good to give something to him that I already had an extra for. And of course, a very rare shoe and one of my favorite shoes to another one. But it’s just why not do this.

AL: That’s, that’s really awesome. And you know, we’re here on this video, but like, somebody’s already a couple of people already made on me came up on some dead stock, original LeBron twos from you already and as well as a pair of ’94 Jordan ones. One of the first Jordan retros ever that started this whole retro craze. That’s really awesome. That’s, that’s what community is about. And that’s part of the reason why we are friends. And thank you again for supporting Another Lane. Check out. Dann, the man store. Dann, please tell him what the name of your store is on Another Lane. And I’m sure Dan’s gonna have a lot of crazy stuff coming up.
DS: I just put up Dan man 23 net souls.

AL: Nice and we out.