Up next in our member spotlight is Jimmy McCoy aka @JimboSlice

Another Lane: What is your favorite thing about the sneaker community?
Jimmy McCoy: The people you meet, other big collectors, celebrities, athletes. You know, the younger generation, the older generation. 

AL: What is your least favorite thing about the community today? 
JM: I guess the stores and the resellers. The stores that make believe they don’t get the shoes and they sell them all to one person. 

AL: How would you describe your collection? Like say someone has never heard of you, how would you describe your collection to them? 
JM: There’s a lot of variety. Every, every brand, every style, like just thousands of pairs. 

AL: What are some pairs that you would never let go of?
JM: I can’t give away any gifts. Like, you know, player exclusive gifts and stuff that was given to me by people that did collaborations that was given to me.

AL: Do you have a favorite memory attached to a pair of kicks? 
JM: There are so many memories. I remember every shoe I bought. Maybe the Stash release in New York in ’06. I was on line with Kanye West. There was a bunch of other people and that’s right before they became like famous and they were all after the same shoe. 

AL: Why did you choose to trust Another Lane with your shoes and put them up there? 
JM: Because Chad’s been a big collector since when shoes first started becoming popular 20 years ago. And I just, I have trust in him and I know that he’s out for the best for everyone, for all the people that he wants to put on the site to sell shoes. And I just trust him with everything.