By Conrad Hoyt

via Kulture Hub

Adena and Chad Jones, founders of Another Lane, didn’t just see a hole in the sneaker marketplace. They saw a glaring lack of sincerity.

Another Lane is a sneaker resale marketplace bringing originality and genuine connections back to the sneaker industry.

For Adena and Chad, the former with extensive experience in media and the latter a sneakerhead to his core, the connections between collectors and buyers have been missing for quite some time. And thus it is Another Lane’s mission to bring fairness and honesty back to the forefront of what it means to love sneakers.

Cofounders Adena and Chad Jones

Chad ponders an old adage he learned. “You can tell a lot about a person by the shoes that they wear.” He sits on it.

Another Lane preaches authenticity above all else

Adena and Chad Jones believe there is an authenticity lacking in the sneaker community and marketplace. The relationship between sneakerheads (collectors and buyers) should not be so torn, but the transactional nature of the industry leaves a barren landscape bereft of love and inspiration.

Organic connections fuel the greatest sneakers at our disposal. Check inside your closet. Chances are the hottest and most unique pair of kicks you have was based upon a genuine and inspired connection between two parties.

Chad Jones sees that connections are forced, and there is no honest nostalgic emotion crafted by brands to motivate collectors to seek out retro products or reimagined sneakers. And when the collectors feel slighted, other collectors and buyers lose out.

With this in mind, Another Lane has tailored itself to be just as much for collectors as it is for buyers.

The sneaker industry is a two-sided marketplace, and both sides, working together like a sea anemone and a clownfish, must work together in a symbiotic relationship to prosper. Another Lane and its sneaker marketplace thus nurtures both sides.

Bringing back fairness to the sneaker industry by emphasizing the importance of the two-sided marketplace

The buyers feed the market in most industries, often leading the sellers to engage in a dog-eat-dog sneakerhead style of fight for the power grab.

But collectors are buyers and sellers at the same time, and the work that goes into finding a collection of kicks, gathering them, and flipping them, means a lot more when it comes from an impassioned place.

Chad, as a sneaker connoisseur and collector himself, has seen both the good and the bad in the sneaker industry. And Adena, as Chad’s partner, has witnessed it as well.

Chad and Adena noticed that there was a glaring lack of respect and appreciation out there for the collectors and sellers’ hard work.

Credit for transactions, accolades, and even the hefty payload often goes to the consignment shop, while the person who did all the work is left by the wayside.

The sneakerhead who travels for years finding shoes, builds honest and beautiful connections with like-minded shoe-lovers. In some cases, they get their enjoyment out of the journey and, in an altruistic sense, want to share that collection with another sneakerhead.

There has been a glaring lack of fun and creativity within trading sneakers in recent years. For fans of collecting, sharing, and treating sneakers like the unique and hot commodity they are, it is demoralizing.

But Chad and Adena linked up with a common love for sneaker value and a plan to help change the culture.

Now, with each other, they can finally put their mission to fruition.

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