About Us & Our Work

Chad, a sneaker historian and expert, had a need to preserve his collection (valued at $500k) and the sneaker culture he loves so dearly. As someone who helped birth sneaker culture 30+ years ago, waiting in lines and forming true in-person friendships, he knows this is about #MoreThanSneakers. His collection has also traveled the world in an exhibit he co-curated. Featured in Bloomberg, Bleacher Report, ESPN and more he is a true thought-leader in the industry.

Adena, a leader in the sports media industry for over a decade (NBA, Bleacher Report, ESPN, CBSSports) had the desire to create authentic content without constraints and the gaze of people outside of the culture, so they started Another Lane. They compete with no one and are focused on your success in sneakers. We realize there are other sneaker communities out there but they don’t do it like we do it. We’re just in… Another Lane.  

Being born and raised in Brooklyn, they know a little bit about community. From the auntie on the corner who watched you play from her second-floor window to the friends on the block who protected your car from getting ticketed by the cops, everyone always looked out for each other. They want to bring that same feeling of togetherness back to a sneaker world that badly needs it. 

Want to sell kicks? Another Lane got you with your own personalized store and no seller fees. Want to find rare player exclusive shoes? Another Lane has some of the best collectors around as part of our community. Want to just learn about sneakers and maybe cop a decently priced shoe from someone? They encourage reasonable prices and even communication with each other to get a deal. Need kicks cleaned, photographed or appraised? Say less, they are here for you too. 

There’s no pretentiousness here. From someone new to kicks with 10 pair in their closet to collectors with over 500, we welcome all.

Get In Another Lane.  


We know where sneaker culture started and we are excited about where it’s going. We want to maintain the soul of the game while focusing on personalizing experiences and helping real people own their journey in sneakers.


We see sneakers as wearable art and a catalyst for life-changing moments. Sneakers unites us in more ways than one and that is at the heart of what we want to maintain and the stories we want to tell.


The marketplace is our gift to the community. Seller fee percentages are wack so we eliminated them . For a monthly membership fee you can sell your kicks using a link to your personal store, you can talk to customers in one place and have Another Lane handle the point of sale, authentication and even marketing for you.