By Chad Jones aka Sneaker Galactus

Where to start eh? Selling kicks is part of the game but it can be overwhelming when you realize it’s time to part with some of your most precious items. You need space to grow and that means letting go of some of the old. It’s as much of an emotional process as it is a physical one to sell sneakers that were once an expression of some part of you. 

Ok let’s get that emo crap out the way because once you get some of that green in your pocket, you’ll forget about all that shit. 

Pricing shoes really is a science and those who master it reap the rewards. What’s the condition of  the shoe? Is it Brand new/ DS? How old is the shoe? These are just some of the many things to consider when factoring the price of your new or used sneakers. Or you can use these hacks that many seasoned vets do. 

1. Monitor the size and price

Keep your eye on other resell sites like Stockx, GOAT, Grailed, Offer up , Ebay, RifLA, the list can go on and on. How aggressively you gauge and price your shoe can heavily influence the turnover timeframe for your sale. 

2. Be Honest

Lying about the condition of the shoe will alway get you in trouble . Be accommodating with questions about the shoe. You are a store owner. Treat your prospective customer the way you would like to be treated when responding to inquiries. With dignity and respect.

3. Don’t be greedy

If a shoe is listed as an average price on most resale sites at $150 don’t list yours for $450. We understand the need to get cash and you may feel your shoe is special but, if you want to sell your shoe in a decent turnaround time, or at all, you need to price according to market.

4. Be patient

Some shoes move in 1 week some it may take 6 months. Current events and new retail releases market may spark new interest in your shoes so wait it out and don’t get discouraged.

5. Pay attention to retail drops

If a shoe you have is about to be retro’ed you might want to sell so it doesn’t diminish in value. Also when the retro shoe sells out people may folk to the next best thing, yours.

OR — We Can Do It For You!

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