This Black-owned husband and wife duo-run business is fighting the gentrification of the sneaker industry.

Sneaker reselling is a multi-billion dollar industry, rife with backdoor deals, bots, and oneupmanship. Here to change the lucrative and elusive game is Another Lane, a new Black-owned sneaker reselling marketplace that puts community first.

Run and founded by the husband and wife duo Chad and Adena Jones, Another Lane aims to fight the gentrification in the sneaker resell market. Speaking to Bloomberg, Adena said, “Our voices were what created this space… To have our voices and our faces missing from certain spaces is just too much.”

What Adena is talking about is how the sneaker industry owes so much to Black culture, yet the industry is predominantly run by white males. Another Lane’s business model is empowered by the message of reclaiming its space in the scene, and it aims to do so by using community and togetherness at the forefront of its model.

For example, while the likes of eBay, GOAT and StockX are based on anonymous profiles, Another Lane encourages users to communicate with one another. You can sign up and chat with the seller, and the images are also supplied by the seller in question. To gain a membership, newcomers must be vetted and need to supply references before they’re accepted, and unlike other platforms, most of the shoes here aren’t deadstock.

Head over to Another Lane’s website to find out more about how it works and to sign up for yourself.

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