Up next in our member spotlight is Dino aka @D1n0d1ner0

Another Lane: What is your favorite thing about the sneaker community?
Dino: The relationships I’ve built throughout the years and the longtime friendships that turned into learning experiences

AL: What is your least favorite thing about the community today? 
JM: The shiestiness of so called sneakers heads and personal gain and different personalities. Sometimes business is business and it’s not personal or whatever else and sometimes people take it too far because of who they think they are or whatever it is. At the end of the day, honesty is the best policy whether the news might be good or bad, you don’t need to be another person it’s just sneakers.

AL: How would you describe your collection? Like say someone has never heard of you, how would you describe your collection to them? 
JM: Let’s just say it’s versatile. A mix of everything, I have runners, I have Jordans, I have New Balance, I have all different genres. I like weird stuff. Sometimes I like Flyknits, there’s some Flyknit racers and trainers, I have a ton of them. Certain weird stuff sometimes I like. Obviously I like the hype stuff, but what my go to is is not really the hype stuff.

AL: What are some pairs that you would never let go of?
JM: My black and gold Jordan 1s from the JP Classics that came out a couple years ago and my 2001 cool grey 11s. It has to be the 2001 though, I change favorites a while but those are my all time favorites 2001 Jordan 11 cool grey. But it has to be 2001 because it smells different, it feels different, its a different shoe.

AL: Do you have a favorite memory attached to a pair of kicks? 
JM: I would say the Jordan 11 cool grey was my first shoe that I spent my hard earned money working at Wendy’s. The thing about it is when it dropped, there were people ahead of me and I had to get a size smaller than what I wear so I had to just squeeze into them and that was it. It was like a 1/2 size too small, but you did what you had to do.

AL: Why did you choose to trust Another Lane with your shoes and put them up there? 
JM: @Sneaker_Galactus, Chad himself. I’ve known Chad a while and I know how much of a good person that he is, his knowledge and his network. And I know with the people that he first reached out to, I know some of the people that selling there as well. It’s a tight knit community and so you would’t really get swindled or end up with a fake pair or whatever else.