Instagram: @iamsnobby
Location: Orlando, FL

Why do you love the sneaker community?

I love the sneaker community because it is an unfiltered space of creativity, whilst still being a competitive space. And by competitive… I mean judgy AF. It’s cool though because you get to learn all of these different reasons why one sneaker appeals to someone more than others…it’s a constant learning experience.

What is your favorite pair of sneakers?

I am an Air Jordan Gyrl … through and through (although I do own much more than Jordans, which seems to surprise some people). If I had to be relegated to 1 pair of sneakers for the rest of my life … I could thrive in a pair of Gamma AJ11s peacefully.

Talk Yo Shit

I loathe hypebeast culture and I resent that it has become synonymous with sneaker culture because they are not the same. Sneaker culture is about celebrating dope craftsmanship, fire colorways, coveted limited editions and most importantly finding kicks that speak to your personality/personal style and then riding out for those kicks. Hypebeasts are about what’s trendy and what seems popular – it’s a land of sheeple that want to pass themselves off as cool kids. The real cool kids have never done anything but be their authentic selves and stick to their own lane … they don’t follow trends