Stanley Tse a.k.a @tsestanley23 is a sneaker enthusiast, brand product tester for @weartesters, and Another Lane member.

Another Lane: Why did you choose Another Lane to feature your kicks? 
Stanley Tse: Another Lane provided a more inept area where you can be a community with kicks to share your passion, whether just to share what you but also to ease the process of easing away from your collection. There is no asterisk with a sale. What you are dealing with is people you’ve known or know of within the sneaker group that can help vouch for each other without feeling skimmed or scammed. We’re all in this community together to help each other out to reach a goal, to relive a memory, or just to have chill vibes with.

AL: How would you describe your collection? 
ST: My Collection is all about variety and collaborative memory. Feel like each shoe I have tells a story and a journey from some time or place when I was younger, along with making new memories with the new stuff that I have. It’s not so much a stunt, but more of a “I really enjoy these, even if you don’t, it’s not going to matter, because I’m the one wearing them.” The other description would be – Utilitarian – just about every shoe I own has a function – particularly basketball – because I test them and play in them. Running/casual walking shoes, hiking shoes, just about everything I own has a function of something I do daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

AL: What is your favorite thing about the sneaker community? 
ST: The people who enjoy the kicks with you, their story, how they can relate with you. The best part is the ones that don’t matter so much about the shoe itself, but it was the journey or chase, the search for them like you did back in the day. It really brought a group of strangers together to become the growth of friendship.

AL: What is your least favorite thing about the sneaker community today? 
ST: Availability and stages you need to “MAYBE” be able to buy a shoe, as well as Social media. I hate that there is a lack of availability for certain shoes because there are always shoes that mean a lot more to you than anything else, but they limit the output (or probably due to an unfortunate event – R.I.P Gigi / Kobe). The other then is the number of loops and holes you have to jump through in order to obtain a said shoe – like tag 3 friends, list your location, and your size, what blood type are you, what year are you born? Like seriously? I’m utilizing my hard earn money to buy a shoe, to give you business, but you want to know about my life story from a few question(s) that you obviously don’t give a **** about, in order for me to “MAYBE” buy a shoe. The thrill of finding a shoe like the olden days isn’t what it used to be. Last but not least – social media. A lot of people get engraved into the fact of “STUNTING” on the gram. Like wow, you’re showing off to the millions of people that you may or may not meet in real life, let alone know them in real life or know their name, but you’re doing it for a click of a button. The Fake wannabe’s. As well as the corny hot takes like eating cereal from a shoe, or stepping on other shoes. I mean, It’s a shoe, you put on your feet, you wear it, you make memories, but to each his/her own. Enjoy what you have, and if your friend(s) or a few strangers think your flavor is fire, then cool. But do it for “YOU”, not for everyone else. Be your own identity and always be original.

AL: Favorite pair(s) you would never let go of?
ST: Probably any Kobe shoe because of the sentimental reason(s) from his passing and the great games I’ve had in them, as well as most Air Jordans I have b/c watching MJ torch my hometown team is a nightmare enough, but It’s watching the man make me believe a man can fly and do all these things. These memories I’ve had of my childhood and growing up.

AL: Favorite memory attached to a pair of kicks?
ST: Air Jordan 11 – My mother is not a sneaker person (God rest her soul in heaven) – but one day she decided to compliment my sneaker saying they were nice and they looked nice on me. That was all I needed. She knew my passion, and I hope she’s looking down on me proud of how far I’ve come.